Our Charging Structure is Clear, Fair and Competitive

We aim to be upfront and transparent in all our business with you, and that includes what we charge for our services.

High-street banks and financial institutions often offer ‘free’ advice. But they can usually only recommend a restricted range of products. The charges for their limited advice are often hidden in significantly higher ongoing costs than you could get elsewhere.

As fully independent Chartered Financial Planners we are not tied to any one company or group of companies, and we have a whole of market view. So, we can build a unique financial solution solely with your personal needs and objectives in mind, selected from the thousands of options available in the market place.

We are not remunerated via commission payments. We make a charge for our service, which generally is in the form of a small percentage of the money invested. It means you can be sure we always recommend the solution that’s most suited to you, rather than the one that’s best for us. This can be a one off-fee, for example with a pension review and consolidation exercise, or as an ongoing arrangement for continuing to manage your investments.

How our charges work

We always lay out our charges clearly before we start any work, so you can be sure there are no hidden costs or unexpected extras. Often the costs can be paid directly out of the funds invested, for instance with pensions and individual investments.

We aim to provide the highest quality clear, concise and jargon-free advice to our clients, helping them plan their future, grow their investments and achieve their financial goals.

If you’d like more information, please call or email. Our initial meeting is always free.

Want to know more?

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